A Better Way to Oxygenate Water

Oxfiniti produces 93% pure oxygen with a significant amount in molecular form. This significantly improves oxygen transfer rates over any other bubble system. This results in over 30% saving in energy, lower sludge volumes, lower ammonia and a healthier plant.

New Proven Innovative Technology

5 innovative techniques improves oxygen transfer into wastewater.
The key element in treating wastewater cost effectively.

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The Oxfiniti Super Oxygenation System

  • Oxygen efficiency: No wasting energy in pushing 80% non O2 gases or use of expensive pure O2 injectors.
  • Healthier plant: System is not starved of O2 to save on power costs.
  • Oxygen retention times: Operational flexibility due to high retention times of O2 in the basin.
  • Reliable: Proven field trials and subsequent permanent installations.
  • Little or no impact on plant operations: Easy package installation.
  • Other quantifiable benefits: Reduced biosolids, decreased odour, smaller carbon footprint, and an effective increase of the existing plant capacity.
  • Little or no Capital Spending: Simple service agreement for equipment and O&M

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