Oxfiniti Super Oxygenation System : Solving Emergency & Permanent Needs

OXFINITI specialises in providing an innovative super oxygenation system for municipal or industrial wastewater treatment.

The portable OXFINITI Super Oxygenation System is ideal for the supply of emergency oxygen for industrial spills.


The team has an extensive background and experience in the Water Industry both in the UK and overseas.

This deep knowledge led to the the development of the patented, innovative and highly efficient process to super oxygenate water.

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  • Aquaculture
  • Concrete
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food processing
  • Storm water treatment
  • Municipal or industrial treatment
  • Supply of emergency oxygen for industrial spills

The process will not only deliver a minimum of 30% saving in energy but it will also reduce H & S risks, improve health of the process, reduce odours and reduce sludge production.



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