Oxfiniti Super Oxygenation System : Solving Emergency & Permanent Needs


Oxfiniti's patented technology dramatically reduce costs simultaneously while increasing the efficiency, effectiveness, and capacity of municipal wastewater facilities.

Areation Efficiency

Existing aeration methods are enormously inefficient. They require substantially greater amounts of energy to deliver the required oxygen than does Oxfiniti technology.

The Oxfiniti system delivers at least 40% of its dissolved oxygen in a 'molecular' form rather than a 'bubble'.

This molecular oxygen enables a vastly greater and more efficient take up by the microbes. Also this form of oxygen stays longer in solution compared to other systems.

This adds to the system efficiency of delivering usable oxygen to the wastewater facility.

Oxygen : Bubble vs Molecular

Technology Bubble Class Singlebubble volume (Cubic microns) Number of bubbles of equivalent volume to a single coarse bubble Relative surface area per equivalent unit of volume Oxygen concentration of gas source
Coarse Bubble 6-12mm 113,040,000,000 1 1 20.9%
Fine Bubble 0.9-2mm 523,333,333 236 6 20.9%
High Purity Oxygen Supply 0.9-2mm 523,333,333 236 6 93%
OXFINITI Super Oxygenation System 0.0001-
0.5 216 billion 6,000 93%

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